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I'm a fairly active 70-year old man, and my doctors are trying to classify me as Type 2 Diabetes. I walk fast and bike a lot, and I like to drink beer. My main form of exercise is riding a road bike; I ride every other day in good months, but some months I ride only about 8 times. My normal route is 20 miles at 16+ MPH.

Last winter, 2015, was tough in New Hampshire. We got a lot of snow and I did not ride for months. Soooo, my idea for 2016 is to fight the Diabetes by riding 10 days each month. I hate riding on the stand in front of the TV, so I am going to travel to places where I can ride outside. January 13-23 I road in Cancun Mexico. You can read about it here:


February 9-19 I road in Claremont CA. Claremont is a college town about an hour east of LA. The 5 Claremont colleges are there. My daughter is teaching at one so I was able to save my airbnb money and stay in a room in her house.

My daughter and her fiance:

Their house:

I was afraid that after my wonderful January days riding in Cancun, anything might be a let down. Such was not the case! My daughter had found the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group. Their tag line is Not your average seniors! and you will read how true that is.

Here is the link to get in touch with them:


As you will learn there, one has to fill out a waiver form and submit it to the Joslyn center. I was able to print out the form in NH, sign it and send it by snail mail to the center. I then called the center and did a little poking of members on line. The result is that you are given access to the meetup.com group that they use to organize themselves.

I better put in a couple of pictures. These are again the only ones of me actually with a riding group!

The other piece of the puzzle always is the bike. Again, I searched for bike shops online, tried to see if any offered rentals, and called to make a reservation. The one I chose was Coates Cyclery



They were wonderful. The staff provided me with a Giant 54" road bike with high pressure tires. They loaned me a helmet, bike lock, levers, air canister, tube, tool, all for $220 for 10 days. The understanding is that if you need to use the spare tire, then you need to pay for that on top. I never had any trouble and did not have to use it. The owner, Corey McCroskey and all the staff made me feel very supported. I even went on a Sunday shop ride, as you can read later and another night ran into a group from the shop at a local brewery.

What was the cost? As I have said, the bike was 220. The airfare was 450. I put about 1500 on the credit card. So, 2200 is a good talking total, about in line with the other 2 biking trips I took in the winter of 2016.

In this trip report there are also a lot of stories and pictures of beer bars. Can't imagine how that happened. Maybe my daughter took my phone camera when I was not paying attention?

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The Trip out

Always scary, too much can go wrong

Tuesday, February 9, I have an 11am United flight that gets me into Denver at 2:40 their time.

My wife Kim works in Boston and so I drove in with her. She goes early and probably let me off at North station by 8am? She directed me into the entrance away from the water. I walked all the way through the station to the exit nearest to the water, and followed the sea of humanity, after asking for help, across the street and down into subway, onto the orange line for two stops and then walked up to Blue line and blue line to the Airport.

I probably have not been on the Boston public transit in 10-20 years? When you get off the subway at the airport stop, there are buses to take you to the terminals. I sat on the bus outside the subway for a long time and then, as we road along, realized that I was on the wrong bus. Its first stop was at C but United is in B. Luckly I could walk all the way through the control tower to B.

I bought a sandwich and water. The plane was packed, I was a "late group" so they forced me to check bag all the way to Ontario. I was on the isle in a block of 3 seats but two women inside did not talk. There was lots of conversation about the Direct TV entertainment fee. It seemed crazy to control, we all watched the same movie, but some had different, I never put on head phones, did have my sandwich and beer and bourbon (no tekela). There was lots of deicing, lots of sitting on the runway but we did get in early. I had 5 hours in Denver. I walked all the way down our terminal and then came back to a craft beer bar. , sat with sushi chief in LA who had been in rodhi island, then hours in brewery at the end with man building schools up in navada for indians but lives in colorado springs and his flight was canceled. Once on the next plane to Ontario I talked non-stop with girl had done lots in ireland, living at home no job, father marathon but can;t walk up steps, 40ft boat, dogs, own corporate cleaning co, visiting friend in denver, going back to limrick to see boyfriend who is getting PHD paid for my bio tech stint valve company. Mother does books at cleaning company. Maybe she do event planning etc.

Call emily and she is there in 15 minutes, my bag is first off and I am only on the curb for 4 min. Home to kevin, they have anchor beer and to bed.

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Day 1 and 2 Riding

Getting Started

It is always a little disappointing to have to spend time my first day in town picking up the bike. But, can't be helped. I don't usually arrive until after normal closing hours, as was the case in Claremont. Anyway, I borrowed my daughters Honda CVX and drove over to Coates Cyclery. As I have said earlier, they could not have been more helpful. They not only provided the equipment but also invited me to join the shop ride 8am Sunday morning and gave me maps of the local bike trails.

I knew from reading the Clarement Senior Bicycle Group (CSBG) Meetup weekly calendar that their next ride, Thursday 8am, would start at Mt Baldi road. I knew about Mt Baldi and its road from watching the Amgen Tour of California. It goes up very steeply. I figured I might as well get a taste of what I was in for. I drove the bike home. My daughters house is contiguous with the Claremont Colleges campus. And I rode off to see what Baldi was like.

Google maps says I rode about 3.3 miles and gained 500ft. I road up to Claremont Wilderness park and poked around. It was easy to see where Mt. Baldi Road turned off from North Mills Ave. So, I started up it. It got steep quickly! I made it to a sign that said Fergus Falls, Google maps says I went about 2 miles but I think it was more like 1/2 mile. And they say I made another 500 feet in elevation. Anyway, I shifted down and down and then tried to shift down again and found I was out of gears! The end. I got off the bike, walked a little to look at the Fergus Falls side road and rode home. A couple hours later I repeated the process. Rode up to Mt Baldi road, turned onto it, busted my ass and had to shop SHORT of where I had stopped a couple hours ago but at least still in sight of the Fergus Falls sign. This was not a good sign!

Thursday morning I was up before 7am. Ate my Blue Berries and Fiber One cereal. On the road. I got to the Mt. Baldi turnoff by 7:30. These pictures are from the next Thursday but you can still get the idea:


A little after 8am, 5 riders showed up. Andy took off and I did not see him for a long time. Three of the riders were on Mountain Bikes and turned off as we climbed. I settled onto Kathy's wheel. I could tell that her lowest gear was the same as mine so all I had to do was match her peddle for peddle. She probably slowed down a lot to hold onto me but I made it. She kept encouraging me that it was only a little further and indeed I made it past Fergus Falls, things flattened out a little. Finally we turned off and started to descend on what I thought was called upton road, though I can't find it on the map now. Anyway, we descended at a breakneck speed for what felt like miles. Kathy warned me about the road furniture (metal nipples). Finally, she had to leave me and go to work. She told me that the rest of the group would meet for breakfast at Victoria Garden Mall and I thought she said the name of the restaurant was the Pantry.

Along with having Kathy to pace and encourage me, I think I was also helped by resting at the parking lot from 7:30 to 8, waiting for the CSBG riders. The other two times I had pretty much ridden up the long Mills Road haul and then started right up Baldi.

So, now I was on my own to find Victoria Garden Mall. Kathy gave me some guidance about what roads to use to get there but I had already killed too many brain cells to really process the data. I did take out my phone and write down Victoria Garden and Pantry. I of course used my phone's google maps. Struggled with things like road name changes from Baseline to 16th street.

I picked up another road bike rider, appropriately named Angel. He was motoring along and it turned out he was on his way to Victoria Garden. He had never heard of Pantry but he did know a bakery where he often saw bikers gathered. He directed me to it. It was a "Dr. Livingston I presume" moment. There at a couple of outside tables were 30 senior citizens dressed in bike kit. I probably said the obvious and asked if they were the Claremont group and of course they were.

Soon after I arrived, they prepared to depart. I got with the fast group. They refer to themselves as the power group on the Meetup calendar. There was a tandem bike and a couple of others who I found I was able to hold onto. They did a lot of long steady hills but I was able to hang on. People dropped off as we got to their neighborhoods and the last man I was with suggested he lived further on and I should turn off here if I lived in Claremont. I think I got home about 11am, almost 3 hours in the saddle!

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Day 3 and 4 Riding

One complete CSBG ride and Coates

Saturday was a major outing with CSBG. Even though many of the riders are retired, quite a few still have daily obligations. So, weekend rides are special and seem to attract a larger group. Certainly that was true of this Ride to the Peach Cafe in Monrovia, as it was titled.

The meeting was 8am as always, for the power group, but at a new place for me, the Hughes Center. CSBG had a different starting location for almost every day of the week. Most in the many blocks north of Claremont, before the mountains really start. This was a large group. There was even an announcement about riding. And off we went. A few minor hills, lots of bike paths that I had not seen before, and finally a complete stop at a park. It had bathrooms and there were more riders joining us. In fact, the whole parking lot was full of bike groups, no just ours.

There was even a photo opp that you can see the results of on my Overview page. We picked up and motored onto Monrovia. People had tried to call ahead, while we were back at the Hughes center, to reserve a table at the Peach Cafe but the report was that they were too full. So we knew we had problems. Indeed, when we got there, other patrons were waiting. One of the CSBG leaders went in and reported that the best strategy was for us to present ourselves as "two" and also large contingents of our group moved off to other spots. One of the SCBG riders, Jane, announced that she needed a partner and I signed up and went in to get us on the waiting list. We were seated quickly. I had a wonderful bowl of fruit and a muffin. I'm not much on eating while in the middle of a ride. The next day I rode with Corey McCroskey, the owner of Coates Cyclery. He joked about how was I doing eating a large meal with each CSBG ride and how he had given it up for that reason.

Jane had a real meal of at least pancakes? It was wonderful getting to hear about her adventures. I had been introduced to her as "Jane from Maine". Her family has a house in Sweden Maine and she goes back each summer. I hope I will have a chance to ride with her again from Sweden. This meal was leisurely but the service was good and when we came out a group was ready to leave. We joined them though a lot of others were still eating and came away later. We did some of the same bike paths and some hills on the way back, probably near to 40 miles in all. The bike paths around Boston are not road bike friendly. A man with a walker is being passed by a woman with a stroller as a road biker comes the other way. It is a formula for disaster. These California bike paths are further out in the country, attract less varied traffic, and maybe they are wider? Anyway, they seem to work fine.

As at the end of most CSBG rides, people just peal off. I found my way home and it was probably 11am or after!

Sunday, I joined the Coates Cyclery ride. I had talked to Corey about joining and he had assured me I could keep up. As always, I was very early maybe at 7:30 and just walked around. Finally one rider and then 6 more showed up. This was definitely a more serious group. Corey checked my tires just with his hand and off we went. We headed over to what I had explored on Friday, Bonelli park and then on to an area I had not seen before, Via Verde.

It became apparent on this ride that I have two main weak points. Turns out that I can climb, not fast, but I can do it. I think this ability comes from my "jumping" practice. When I am riding my normal 10 miles up and 10 miles back along the NH coast, when I am passed, I try to jump on the passers wheel. Most of the riders I can catch. Not all. And many I can not "hold the wheel". I huff and puff my way up but then I have spent so much effort in the catch, that I can't hold their speed. I have to drop back. Anyway, turns out this exercise, which is just a game for me, results in what real athletes call intervals. If you want to get faster, don't just run steady. Speed up and then slow down to a recovery pace and then speed up again. Doing intervals. Anyway, seems I have been doing intervals and that gives me the legs to climb hills. I do like to climb as fast as I can in order to get the pain over!!

Anyway, I was expecting the hills to be my Achilles heal but they were not. Instead, it was the stopping/starting and down hill. I'm not a great bike handler. I'm not familiar with the terrain. I have no idea what is around the next downhill curve that this group is racing down at 30+ miles per hour. I never ride hills. The coast of NH is flat. So, I keep a heavy hand on the breaks and fall pretty far behind on the downhills, of which there were MANY very steep ones on this ride. Luckily, I had wonderful disk breaks on my rental bike that squieled but also worked perfectly and gave me confidence.

My other weakness that presented itself is stopping and starting. Any bike group is regularly stopping to allow stragglers to catch up, to have a drink, to talk about the next turns, to follow stop signs and not get killed, etc. I'm slow at getting back up to speed? Once I am moving, I am in good shape, it is the stopping and getting going again that leaves me behind. Why? I do not stop at all on my 20 mile NH ride. I have no lights or stop signs! Once this dawned on me, people asked how is this possible and my answer was: none of the fish want to come out of the ocean. There are no lights or stop signs along the ocean where I ride!

We probably rode 30 miles. Lots of hills but not as many steep ones as in the coming days. Another rider was having some trouble and one rider had a mechanical problem that Corey worked on. The strangest event of the ride was that we cam up to a stop light where 2 unrelated riders were waiting and one said hello Tom. He was from the ride yesterday. I'm getting to become known! We stopped in a town and one of the riders ate from his supplies but we did not go into a restaurant. As with the CSBG rides, I never went back to Coates Cyclery, we just disbanded one by one on the road. Another great day of exercise!

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Day 5 and 6 Riding

Lost over and over

So the theme of these two rides is Divergence. That is code for I lost the group, I was not paying attention to the right signals.

I'm feeling pretty cocky. 4 Days of riding and I have found I can keep up with these people. In fact, as I have said, going up the hills I like to get the pain over so I actually am passing them. Noisy, but passing. Monday ride is advertised as Meet at Alexander Hughes Community Center in Claremont. A 20-mile ride including some climbing in north La Verne and a ride around Puddingstone Lake with a breakfast stop.

Fairly large group, 10+, we start off. Two of my favorite women climbers, Beth and Kathy are present. We are just working our way West, have not started to head south to Puddingstone lake yet. A Divergence! All at once Beth and Kathy peel off to the right. I have missed the signal. Was not tuned into the right station. In my inimitable fashion, I yell wow wow what was that. I am told they are off to do an extra hill that I should not do. I kind of remember some earlier talk that I was not listening to. Anyway, I turn and follow them. But, they are already around the corner and by the time I get around, they are out of sight! I have no idea which way they went. I assume up so I go up. I turn back to catch the main group. Now they are gone also.

OK, I'll slavage the day. I get out my phone and note what may be the bike path we were on Saturday. In order to get to it I have to descend all the way down to Baseline Rd. I make it down, long downhill. I am putzing along, stopping every few intersections to check the phone google map to see if this is the road I should head up on. Some bikers pass me. Then some more and someone says my name. The gods have smiled on me. It is the CSBG. I am back in the game!!!

They now head over on fairly flat terrain to the area I went to Friday and Sunday, Bonelli Park. I think we go through the park and then into an area people refer to as La Verne. There is at least one long killer hill. Dan has taken over looking out for me. He tells me that we will turn at the first right. As I have said, it is now my habit to pass people on these steep hills. I turn in to wait and Dan has to tell me that he was wrong. He was thinking of the Wednesday route. Today we keep on climbing. I pull back out on to the hill. There are a couple cars pulled over but room for me on the right. As I pass, one of the cars veers toward me, pushing me toward the guard rail. I yell and the car moves on. Dan asked if I was attacked there. I like to be optimistic. I think the driver just was not paying attention and veered toward me. Again, compared to the pain of pushing the peddles up hill, it was a non-event. No need to sweat the small stuff.

Anyway, some great hills that leave me feeling very good about my climbing. I'm trying to be really attentive and stay at the front. Doing so is hard given that I fall behind at each stop and lose the group on the down hills. I'm always afraid of another divergence. I did lose the leaders on the trip back from Victoria Garden the first day with CSBG.

Our course today takes us through a camp ground FULL of trailers and people. This is really a mobil home park. It has a very permanent feel. Then we are back to the airport and race track. The airport is a private one. The race track is for dragsters and about every 5? minutes a car runs the 20 second course with the noise of an airplane taking off. Across from the track is a industrial area with the La Verne Brewery and Genes Grinders. I assume that is where we sat down for the normal CSBG breakfast. I'm certainly not eating and I am holding back a little to get the lay of the land but finally I sit down and of course enjoy telling my story. After breakfast, I ride back the short distance to Claremont with a few people at a leisurely pace. As usual, people just drop off and I proceed home.

Day 6 was planned as another trip to Victoria Garden: Below is the official blurb from the Meetup.com posting.

Meet at Baseline and Mills in Claremont. Ride to Victoria Gardens and back to the Euro Cafe for brunch (does NOT stop at Corner Bakery, though some riders may opt to do so). Route is mostly flat (easy) but pace may be challenging for some riders. (30 miles).
Pick-up points along the route:
- 18th and Benson in Upland (about 8:15 AM)
- 19th and San Antonio in Upland (about 8:22 AM)
- Sapphire (about 8:32)
Contact: Larry Castorena
Join the CSBG Yahoo Tuesday/Thursday rider email list (members only) to receive email notifications about this ride.

But did Tom read that about the email list and sign up, no. And, there had been a lot of talk about the Meeting Point of Baseline and Mills. Turns out there was construction starting there and a lot of the riders coming in from the East could not get to the meeting place. There is actually a VONS supermarket at the corner. It has a customer promotion involving a monopoly game and so I had been directed by my daughter to do my shopping there. I showed up at my normal 7:30 but no one had appeared by 8:10. As I said, there had been a lot of talk about changing the meeting place but no definite change when I was with the group yesterday.

OK, I have done this before. I find a way through a median around the construction and start off for Victoria Garden. Its a long haul but I'm moving and have some confidence where they will be. And there they are! Same bakery, same chairs. This time I pull up a seat for a few moments before they are ready to go off. Larry and a couple on a tandem are up for hills so I join them. It is hard, but nothing like yesterday. I have to stop for a drink from my water bottle, something I rarely need. I think it is the desert climate drying me out. Anyway, Larry is careful to help me find Benson road and it takes me home.

Sorry there are no pictures. I should learn to be crafty and take selfies with others in the background. Part of the problem is that I have killed so many brain cells going up the hills that I don't have a lot of creative thoughts.

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Day 7 and 8 Riding

The end

Wednesday is listed as going back to La Vwerne. The weekly writeup says:

Group Descriptions
Power Group: 8:00 AM
Traditional Group: 8:15 AM
Rating: Easy/Moderate
Meet at the park behind the Joslyn Center. Wednesday rides have an easier route option for short-distance riders. On request, they will be accompanied by an experienced cyclist with coaching.

I find the Joslyn center nice and early. It is cool so I stay in the sun. Walking back and forth, watching the children arrive at a middle? school across the street. I noticed the "behind" in the directions above and indeed someone even emphasized the behind in talking about this ride yesterday. And indeed, that is where the power group gathers. The normal 10+? riders arrive and we are off. Beth is shepherding a woman with a cross bike instead of the road bikes that the rest of us have. The woman has carpil tunnel type braces on both?wrists. She climbs slowly but stays with us. This is a killer of a day. As soon as they have climbed one unreal set of hills they race down and start up another. More than once I am too slow down and unsure which way to go but somehow manage to stay with them. Dan is looking out for me. Really just the penultimate day. Great love hate relation with the hills. I don't want to see another and I love that I can get to the top.

After climbing every hill in sight, we ride more leisurely through the same motor home park, along the airport and speedway, back to the same breakfast stop as Monday. I get to be chatty Tom at the table. One new woman is interested in my riding in Cancun story and another guy finds out about Software Arts and we talk computers most of the way home. The ride ends with the normal particle disintegration

Thursday will be my last day. It is scheduled to be a repeat of my first CSBG ride, starting with Mt. Baldi and meeting at Victoria Garden. It is raining. Not hard, but spitting. There is a little water on the ground. The riders have said they will not ride if it is raining. Before Cancun, I would have said the same thing. I never ride in rain in NH. But somehow I got a lot more comfortable with rain in Cancun. So I ride the long uphill slog to the base of Mt. Baldi. No one shows by 8:10 so I start down. I'm not at all sure I will go on to Victoria Garden or just home but somehow magically the peddles lead me toward Victoria Garden. I'm making good progress. I almost don't notice that the rain is building. Finaally there is no denying it and I pull under the cover of a gas station awning. After about 10-15 minutes, it becomes obvious that there will not be anyone at Victoria Garden. I might as well go home.

There is a 30? year old man pulled up to the gas pumps with a mini-van. He is cleaning the windshield. I have my emergency-food 15+ dollars in my shirt pocket. I go over and ask him if I could pay him 15$ to give me a ride back to Claremont. He says of course but no money is necessary. Turns out the man's windshield wiper motor has died and he has purchased a solvent for his windshield that hopefully will help the water bead and fly off until he can get he motor repaired tomorrow. He is applying the solvent. While I am waiting around another woman offers to give me a lift but I say thanks, I am all set. The man finished the application, makes room for my bike without the front wheel in the back and we are off. The car is a little messy. Turns out he has just gotten an apartment after some time living in the car. Turns out his brother has just died. Turns out his fiancie of 5 years has just dumped him. God is helping him. He loves his 3 children, 8 and the twins are 6. They are all in school today. He does not have custody of his youngest, her mother does. He is a truck driver. Has an interview in an hour for a higher paying driving job. The solvent is working. And the rain is letting up. We have just driven in a straight line along Baseline road so I am sure the man will be able to find his way back to where I entered the picture. He lets me off. He again refuses the money but I am able to leave it on the seat as I get out and he does not drive back to force it upon me,

I ride home with little rain and the biking side of the Claremont adventure is over. I use my daughters car to take the bike back to Coates Cyclery. All goes well there. I'm ready for a first tour of my daughters office, lunch with a mutual friend who is a student at Scripts and on to the Back Abbey and Brewerys!

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The Back Abbey

Where I hung out

The Back Abby is a Belgium beer bar and restaurant on the South-West corner of the Claremont village. Kevin, my daughters fiance, pointed it out the first night when we walked around. He remembered it as having interesting beers. I looked in, but did not see anything particular.

I was wrong. Once I got back when it was open, they had a wonderful selection of Belgium beers. Most days I was in for lunch or dinner or maybe both! Eric is the manager.

This is what the building looks like from the outside:
Most of the action takes place in the patio

This is the area behind the bar with the required many different glasses to properly present the brews:
And of course the beer menu!
I started trying one of the salads but quickly settled on this portabello burger:
I am a creature of habit and tend to have the same thing over and over. I did try the crab cakes and loved them also:
I love to try the different beers. Of course it is not possible to try very many if one is drinking pints or even 1/2 pints. Luckily the Abbey offers a 5oz pour that I find the ideal size. Enough to get multiple tastes but not so much that you can't try a few. As you will note in the pictures above, I moved to having 4 at a time so I could properly compare them instead of finishing each one in serial fashion.

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Lucky Baldwin

Beer in Pasadena

If you happen to get to Pasadena and you are a beer person, be sure and drop in at Lucky Baldwin. There are three locations. I only got to the original. The other two are called Lucky Baldwins Trappiste and Lucky Baldwin’s Delirium Cafe. I can't speak for these other two.

There was a Annual Belgium Festival in progress. Here was the list of beers:


Maybe you can read a few?

Below I have blown up a bit of the regular beer menu to give you an idea of what is usually available:


we will see if you can read


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More About the Bike


How to handle the shoes? I just order baskets and take the straps off. The front plastic part of the basket gives me something to hook against. If none of this makes sense, just skip it. Actually, at home, I don't clip in OR use a basket. I have clip in peddles and shoes. I just choose not to use them. My regular peddles have a fair amount of "mettle teeth?" on them that grip my tennis shoe. In California, I just rode in my regular sneakers. Especially when I am riding with people I do not know and on strange roads, the last thing I want is to be strapped in.

I did the same thing in Cancun. The plastic front of the cage in Cancun was a little more problematic as it could get caught in a closed position and I would have to stop and dig it out. That never happened in Claremont. After a little while, I get used to flipping the peddle and getting my foot in behind the plastic.

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The Breweries

Dale Brothers, Claremont Craft and ROK

It took me a while to get around to trying the breweries. Turns out there are three within easy walking distance of the colleges. The third, Rok House Brewing, I only got to on my last night.

One of the gating factors was food. None of the 3 breweries I visited had a restaurant. They did advertise when a food truck would be present. I need food in order to help absorb the beer!

I arrived in Claremont Tuesday night and it is a testament to the wonders of Back Abbey that I did not get to Dale Brothers Brewery until Sunday. People had told me that Clearmont Craft had the better beer but it made sense to walk the the furthest one, Dale, first.


Above are two shots of the same first flight. You can even read the names of the beers! They had a couple of sours. I thought the beer was very good. I probably liked it better than the selection at Claremont Craft. You will note that I am at a picnick table outside. It was a fairly hot day. I had to stop in at the local gas station on the way to get the water bottle you see. After riding with Coates that morning, and walking the 2 miles here, I was definitely needing the water! In the first picture you can see in the backgroud a man leaning over. He is working on the food. It is barbecue and not quite ready yet. I jumped the line. Went over and paid before they were open so that my food would come sooner rather than later.


Not the most healthy but then after riding for 2 hours plus I was not worried about a few calories.

Note also the rare but not unique appearance of my book. It is Chance by Joseph Conrad. It is a little worse for wear. It has been on many trips. I started it again in Cancun. In fact, I did not read a single page of it on this Claremont trip! I don't think I have ever finished it but I find it a great dinner and night time companion on trips. I guess I will soon have to buy another copy!

Now onto Claremont Craft Brewery.


Good selection of beers. Note that you get 6 here instead of 4. I loved the fruit and cucumber plate from the food truck. It was sunday afternoon and everyone had children and dogs! with them. This brewery had a lot more people and a lot more social space. The man selling the food even came over to look at the label in the back of my Hawaiian shirt. (Sorry, NOT vintage.)

I took a second trip out to Dale Brothers Wednesday night.


This time you get to see the bar. Sorry I can not give an authoritative run down on the beers. I was impressed with the selects at both locals. They would have a good double IPA and then some interesting sours, stouts, etc. Gruits still have not made it to Claremont but they should be seen soon.

These next pictures are from Clearmont craft.


The food truck tonight was more Mexican. I had this salsa and the young lady brought me wonderful Ceviche samples that I woofed down before the camera could catch them.


The above four are from the 3ed Brewery in this area. Rök House Brewing Company. Just 10-15 minutes walk from the others but a little more burred in an industrial park and therefore harder to find. The beer was fine, maybe not as good as the other two. I finally got a picture of a beer list!

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